Office of Holistic Veterinary Services of Asheville is located in downtown Marshall on Back Street just 2 doors north of the Post Office. There is plenty of parkingin front of the office. Dr. Pantzer also does home visits for many of her patients.






​Dr. Pantzer likes to see her patients twice yearly. Small adjustments can be made early to prevent big problems later


​Many chronic and acute conditions may be successfully treated using this Quantum Energy based medicine. And many can be treated years after the initial insult to health occurred


​Well timed vaccinations given to a healthy animal on a good diet result in life long immunity. The vaccination schedule for each pet should be individualized depending its specific requirements for travel, boarding and grooming, or sharing the house with young children.  

Our animals respond well to  acupuncture. Many conditions improve dramatically as the energy flow along the Meridians is corrected
These services are referred to French Broad Mobile Vet. Dr. Pantzer receives the results and will plan the course of treatment.
Energy flow can also be treated using herbs. We use  herbal formulas that have been successfully used for up to 500 years

Many surgical procedures can be done in my office under heavy sedation. More invasive procedures are done in a mobile surgery unit. Dental scaling under no or very light sedation can be done in our office. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed for post surgical pain, swelling, and to prevent the ill effects of anesthesia.

There are many theories about feeding. Dr. Pantzer will customize a diet for your pet using several different philosophies depending on the age, disease or lameness status. Many of her patients no longer need Western medications following her guidelines!

74-E South Main Street

Marshall, North Carolina  28753


10 AM-5 PM

Mon Tues Thurs Fri

Please call for an appointment first.

         828-649-0579 landline

         828-545-3509 cell and text



Dr. Pantzer​

I always knew I would be an animal doctor when I grew up. I collected pets Besides the normal dogs and cats, baby chicks slept in my bed, crawdads overwintered in the garage, and an alligator lived in the downstairs bathroom. Some arrived with parental permission and many did not!  When I was 16, I started working for Dr. Robert Boger. My father asked that he make sure I was exposed to everything hoping I would be dissuaded. I loved every minute! 

I attended Mount Holyoke College and tried letting animals be my avocation while I had a research job in Endocrinology, but it wasn't enough.  I got a Masters Degree in Dairy Nutrition and started Purdue Veterinary school in 1981. I loved (almost) every minute of the challenging program. Dr. Ed Page, Head of Large Animal Clinics, was researching Acupuncture so I was exposed early in my career to Alternative Medicine.  

After a short stint in a Dairy practice in Frederick County, Maryland, I moved to Lexington and worked in  Broodmare practice, a Racetrack practice, and doing International Export. I flew with Thoroughbred horses to England, Ireland and Dubai for the Sheiks of Dubai for 13 years! During that time I opened a small animal practice and bought a small farm to house my menangerie! I moved back to Indiana in 2003 and then to North Carolina in the Spring of 2016.

Carrying water buckets for the animals one very cold Winter convinced me that Homeopathy works so I studied with Dr. Richard Pitcairn.  Chinese Medicine soon followed at IVAS and with Dr. Mona Boudreau.

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